April 16

Lunch today: Chef salad, bread sticks, apples, oranges, salad bar & choice of milk.
Breakfast tomorrow: Breakfast bar, fruit, toast, juice & choice of milk.
Lunch tomorrow: Breaded chicken breast, mashed potatoes & gravy, peaches, salad bar & choice of milk.

Juniors are taking the NeSA Science test during 4th period right after lunch in the computer lab today!

PROM PICTURE PACKETS – are in the office. Fill them in before Saturday night. Bring exact change payable to the photographer.

PROM FLOWERS – the prices are in & will be put in your locker. Turn the money in to Margaret by Thursday & she will pick them up. If you plan to get the flowers yourself let Margaret know.

SUMMER CAMPS – The Peter Kiewit Institute is offering two summer camps at no cost. The Holland Academy of Excellence is open to Sophomores who excel in mathematics and science. At this camp you will have a variety of hands-on workshops focused on a range of topics such as bridge construction, civil engineering, and visual animation. Selection is based upon academic achievement as well as extracurricular involvement in the community and leadership experience. The second summer camp is the Academy of Sustainable Environments & Renewable Energy. This camp is open to Juniors and will focus on the growing need to promote green building practices, technologies, policies, and standards to build an environmentally responsible, economically profitable, and healthy future for the region. Further information and applications are available from Mrs. Nollette.

ACT EXAM – Good luck to students taking the ACT Exam on Saturday, April 18. Be sure to be on time and bring a photo ID, your admission ticket, pencils, and calculator.

SENIORS – a questionnaire from Midland News was sent to your parents. You need to return this form and a photo by Monday, April 20, to Mrs. Nollette.

 April 17—Nebraska Coaches Association Scholarship
 April 20—White Owl Scholarship
 April 25—Security First Bank Scholarship
 April 30—Pink Bandana Beat Breast Cancer Scholarship, Hanna Memorial Scholarship, Delta Tau Delta Scholarship
 May 1—Sandhills Area Foundation Scholarship, AITP Scholarship

TRACTOR SAFETY TRAINING – Anyone age 14 or 15, working on a farm or ranch other than their own MUST be certified through a Hazardous Occupations Course. You must have parent permission. For more information call the high school office.

THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA MEDICAL CENTER is offering a Summer Health Professions Career Workshop on August 4-7. The camp is open to Sophomores with an interest in the health professions. The cost is $300 and only 14 applicants are accepted. Applications are due June 1. See Mrs. Nollette for an application form.

SOUTHEAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE is offering an Automotive Summer Camp on June 12 & 13. This opportunity is open to students who are at least 16 years of age. The camp costs $29 and is limited to 60 participants. Applications are available from Mrs. Nollette and applications are due June 2.

BIG RED ACADEMIC CAMPS—are hosted by Nebraska 4-H and UNL faculty members in various academic areas, which include engineering, education, filmmaking, Outdoor Nebraska, Veterinary Science, Digital Arts, Weather & Climate Science, Culinary Arts & Food Science, Crop Science, and Unicameral Youth Legislature. The camps will be held on June 7-12 and the cost varies depending upon the academic area chosen. For more details go to bigredcamps.unl.edu.

KBR Rural Electric is offering a Youth Energy Leadership Camp on July 13-17 at Nebraska Sate 4-H Camp in Halsey. The camp provides workshops, demonstrations, canoeing, sports, a dance, and tours to the Gerald Gentleman Power Station and the Kingsley Hydro-Electric Power Plant. If you are in Grades 9-11 and receive electrical service from KBR, you may apply for this opportunity. See Mrs. Nollette for an application.

THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE at UNL is offering two summer workshops for students interested in architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design. The Career Explorations Workshop is held June 7-13, and the Discover Landscape Architecture will be held June 14-19. To attend either workshop you must be at a least 10th grader. You must also submit an application by April 6 along with the fee of $585. For complete details, please see Mrs. Nollette.

THE UNL COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION is offering an “Economics is Everywhere!” Summer Camp on June 15-19. This opportunity is open to students in Grades 6-8. The cost of this camp is $225. Topics to be covered include “My Money—Earn it, Spend it, Save It”, Lights, Camera, Economics, Flag-onomics, McDonald’s in Moscow, and Husker-Nomics. For complete details, please see Mrs. Nollette.