Daily Bulletin – Dec 8

CK Beat – December 2016

REMINDER: You need to make sure you are putting your lunch number in as you come through the line. If you get seconds always check with Donna or Carrie and put your number in for the seconds. This includes juice and milk. Thanks.

Music Rehearsal Schedule: Hopefully everyone can attend the Concert on Thursday night at 7 pm.

9:00 – Elementary leaves Kilgore

9:20 – Elementary arrives in Kilgore and receives instructions

9:30 – Elementary rehearsal with Mrs. Arnold in HS Gym

10:40 – JH & HS Choir students (+ Ry, Claysen, Daniel, Fede, Isabella and Waylon) dismissed to rehearse w/ Elementary

10:45 – Rehearsal of 3 combined songs for Elementary, JH and HS

11:05 – Elementary students released to bus for return to Elementary

11:10 – JH students released to lunch

11:14 – HS students released to lunch

Europe Tour 2018:

We are in the process of planning the next tour with Mrs. Ford to Europe. It is scheduled for March 20th, 2018 – March 22, 2018. Please visit with Mrs. Ford if you are interested. You can look at this link to get more information. www.eftours.com/1876566YD

ACT Exam: Good luck to those students taking the ACT exam on Saturday, December 10. Be sure to bring your admission ticket, pencils, photo ID, and a calculator. Be sure to be on time.

Football Uniforms: The following students need to turn in uniforms: Arvidas, Jared, Jayden, Jesse, Riley,Please let the office know when you have completed this and we will take your name off the list.

Found: Blue Plaid Cinch Shirt size XL -come to the office to claim.

The 2016 football DVDs: are for sale, all games of the regular season are included as well as the Playoffs and championship game. A set of DVDs is $15 and must be signed up for by the deadline of December 17. The discs will be ready for pick-up by Christmas break.

Compost: Please help us to compost. When you are done eating please put all scraps, into the scrap bucket. DON’T throw scraps away! If you have bones those must go into the garbage. The FFA will be collecting the used paper towels and food scraps to compost. Thanks!

Newsletter: We are going to start sending out a student written, monthly newsletter again. If you would like to be included in the mailing list please call the HS @ 823-4117 or email dblocker@cody-kilgore.com

Beef In Schools: If you would like to provide beef for our students, please contact Janet Shelbourn. jshelbourn@cody-kilgore.com

College of Architecture Workshops: The College of Architecture at UNL is offering two workshops this summer for students who have an interest in architecture, landscape architecture, or interior design. For complete details and to register online go to:


Applications are due April 10th.

Short Story Contest: To commemorate Nebraska’s 150th anniversary the Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation is sponsoring a Short Story Contest. You are to generate a short story that is written in the spirit displayed by Bess Streeter Aldrich in her works while incorporating a theme that focuses on Nebraska’s economy, history, cultural diversity, and/or geography. This contest is open to Grades 3-12 and adults. For complete details, visit the website, www.bessstreeteraldrich.org/contest.html. Submissions are due February 15.

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